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Down by the river

I saw her from a distance, walking right in the middle of the sidewalk and about halfway into the block. I was just about to enter the disabled sidewalk ramp and continue on my way to the park, but then I realized there would be no room for us both the way she was walking.

Actually, I am being polite. I did not like the look of her from the moment I saw her, and as she was walking in the middle with a crack head’s inconsideration, she was already looking at me when I looked at her. I have learned over the years that unless you are a movie star, if everyone is looking at you before you are looking at them, you should leave that place. She was as tan as a retired New Yorker a decade after the move to Florida, but this was the kind of tan that can only be attained by the sun shining intensely through a layer of human oil and fat excreted through the skin and polished with a layer of dirt. It was basically a bum tan.

As I paused at the ramp entering that sidewalk, I quickly decided to cross the street, but I made it look like I wanted to cross anyways. Now the woman was ten steps from me. I think she knew I didn’t want to walk past her. There was a car coming and I could not cross, that gave another moment for the gap to be bridged and then she was in talking distance. Oh! How fast a half a block can go!

She muttered quite sharply, “make sure to teach her about stranger danger” and “don’t let anyone touch her genitals”. She was referring to the baby 👶 I was strolling around. I sure wish that last car hadn’t been there, I could have had a pretty peaceful walk with my little girl.

Peanut Gallery Notes to My Generation

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I can’t say that I’ve seen the best minds of my generation do much of anything. The baby Gen-X/Millennial 1.0 crossover demographic whom for the sake of brevity I will […]


Another Day in Studio City

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The guy sat there all shaggy hair and old clothes in front of the Union Bank on Ventura Boulevard. He was likely a bum; had a few things with him. […]


A Birthday Party One Time

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This was back many years before he drown. I had this big redheaded oaf of a friend named Jeff and I always looked forward to hanging out with him and […]


Jamaica Me Crazy or A Misanthrope’s Journey to the Land of Riddim

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I didn’t write a solitary word in Jamaica. That’s not to say that I didn’t make a note of everything, but my idea of writing in the jungle was washed […]


Almost Over

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Krebs sat nursing a beer in the clapboard bar adjacent to the Coconut Mallory while Cassie, far too young to be a grandmother at forty something asked him about life […]


A Sick Man

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I am a sick man. Or more specifically I am a plagued man. There is no point in time where I am not plagued and my health and nerves and […]


When Jesus Left Hollywood

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It’s a shame to think that in the twenty first century in a country as progressive as the United States we still have to hear the war cry of racism […]


Lunch Break

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The day the Wagstaff boy came in and said he’d found a little negro kid dead by the river we were all hunched over our lunches dreading getting back out […]


The View

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The claim of a view from Catalina to downtown was bullshit. Maybe it was possible at sometime, but the smog usually made it so there was no way o see […]