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A Sick Man

I am a sick man. Or more specifically I am a plagued man. There is no point in time where I am not plagued and my health and nerves and sanity suffer. I have tried to relocate, meditate, medicate, [...]

When Jesus Left Hollywood

It's a shame to think that in the twenty first century in a country as progressive as the United States we still have to hear the war cry of racism at every turn. In this particular instance [...]

Ted Talk Monologue – Disrupting, American Style

"I know for a lot of young people out there the idea of graduating college and having to start at the bottom is daunting at best. I know it used to cause me a lot of anxiety until it dawned on me: [...]

Get Your Internets Off My Lawn!

"That we live in curious times is easy for me to say from the vantage point of my early thirties. There is much I don't understand in this world, particularly why people would have any interest in [...]

The Social Shitwork

Brice couldn't believe what he was seeing on his phone. This certainly wasn't the first corn-based shitpic he'd ever seen, but Skylar had knocked it out of the park. This resembled the contents of an [...]

The Good Stink in BH

There are few places more wretched and soulless in the world than Beverly Hills, Ca. Mecca for all the money-flushed bottom feedersofevery stripe and creed, Beverly Hills has always attracted the [...]

Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

The long awaited, much anticipated book release by Michael Jones in conjunction with Anomie Publishing and LanguageAbuse.com is finally available. Official release date will be on June 9th 2012 at [...]

The Life Ironic

(Editor’s Note: This article has been more or less in the works for months. Not because it’s that good, but because I’ve been procrastinating. Looking back on it now, I can’t help but smile [...]

Schools Financial Credit Union Robs Poor Members.

By Staff Writer: James Smith It isn't often I take up space on this website to rant about businesses which I dislike. But I have had enough with this group and feel that I must in this case. I [...]

Got Your Fig and Olive Right Here

After five years I finally came into a bit of money, and shocked by this forgotten feeling, I had absolutely no idea what I should do with it. So, not being particularly interested in much of [...]

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