Tuesday April 21st 2015



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Ode to S.F.

Danse Macabre with the faggots in San Francisco. A twisted night of boozing and grabbing asses as they did coke and clawed to a greater understanding and purpose. The streets were narrow and full of [...]

A Simple Request From A Weary Man

I came to what could be called a traveler And far be it for I to diminish a man's dreams He called to me And I saw a glimmer in his tired rheumy eyes Of a life of harsh visions His [...]

It’s Okay, the Audience is Deaf

In these days when most art is as forgettable As most music And promoting oneself takes equally little talent I wonder about those that claim inspiration From their group of peers The [...]

Like Mother Like Daughter

She has the golden Gift to gab She is used to getting her way out Of whatever Thus, when her card is pulled It seems alien She can't stand it But she is an user No not like a [...]

No Sleep

You know those fast and hard ones The type you know will crash and burn Ending ugly, looking for exit strategy early Just in case Crying, screaming outside will happen Well, it was one [...]

Fucking Blah

Blah fucking blah blah blah blah Fucking blah blah blah blah Blah fucking blah Blah blah Blah blah Blah Fucking blah fuck blah blah


Like the grey in the rainbow Like the silver in the pot of gold At its supposed end Like the dust in Hitler’s moustache Nearly like the Glistening rain that fell down yesterday A male cat was [...]

Busted Ass Americans

We all fight this illness In this land of Milk and Honey That doesn't exist at Nearly the levels In developing or poorer Nations Depression, the blues, the sads The pits Whatever we call [...]

Working Out Can Be Complex II

Wide eyed and bushy tailed Eager to make new friends My first day learning to rock climb This tall one smiled up to me She offered up her assistance She helped me with my knots Gave me some [...]

Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

The long awaited, much anticipated book release by Michael Jones in conjunction with Anomie Publishing and LanguageAbuse.com is finally available. Official release date will be on June 9th 2012 at [...]

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