Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

The long awaited, much anticipated book release by Michael Jones in conjunction with Anomie Publishing and is finally available. Official release date will be on June 9th 2012 at the “Art Speaks” event at The Vox Gallery (Vox Sacramento, 1818 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-6515). But you may preorder it here and now and thus have it in time to bring it along with you and get it signed, or perhaps a custom doodle in the front page.

This book consists of almost 60 pages of selected Poems all paired with authentic Polaroid photography. Black and white insides, Color cover.

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Sample Pages:

“Ron Paul 2012″ by Mitchell Jonas


Analysis: I am always fascinated with the political art coming out of the Middle East and North Africa. I love the banners that they draped over our recently captured drone in Iran. As you can see I borrowed the skulls on the American flag from that. I wonder who these graphic artists that pump out these commenly¬†held and displayed¬†banners are? Who are they employed by, or is much of it is homegrown? I wonder if they use Adobe PhotoShop, and if so what version do they use? With this piece I used an American candidate as the focal point, “Ron Paul.” I am not actually a huge Ron Paul fan but some of his ideas are attractive to me. Why not use a subject which interests you? Enjoy.