Texts From an Ex

Circa 2008, All content [sic]


your right.
I don’t even like you.
I just like to have fun.
At least I get the last laugh.
Go fuck yourself you ain’t shit to me

I’m going to choke until you call.
Lets see who fucks over who.
I’m sure you will be hated on.
This is for you babe!

I will kill the bitch your fucking then kill you.
I don’t give a fuck if I go to jail.
You pushed me.

You will regret this you sick fuck.


You know that the essence of trouble lingers

Without a doubt

But you look in her eyes anyway

You lust for it


Lust for it

The signs are tall tale

You know what lies beneath

But what captivates you is on the

The beauty inner and outer

The surface

Why does beauty always couple with trouble?

You know it would be fun


A ride

That would thrill you

The ultimate end inevitably being

Nightmarish, lies

Cheating, maybe STDs,


A nightmare

nugget of wisdom

if your sole source of news is from commentators and/or bloggers, be it the huffington post or the drudge report, you have no legitimate claim to being informed, so do the world a favor and keep your damn mouth shut.  you’re like a myna bird with the capability to pull a trigger and that scares me.  unless you don’t have hands.