Nobody Knows // Poem

The only girl I ever loved

Was a complete fraud

Frauds are fakes and fakes

Never change

People try as hard as they can

To forget about their lies

That’s why they

Go to the grave

Hating themselves

That’s why you should be open

Be you

Be what you won’t regret

Love what you love

No matter what anyone thinks

Don’t blow your

Brains out

Good luck

Getting brain

Love, love, love

Forget the nay



And be happy

Be happy



M.I.A. Born Free

During a quick visit to Upper Playground Sacramento I was shown M.I.A.s new music video, “Born Free”. To be honest, at first I was expecting some corny video that would cater toward a teeny hipster crowd. But my preconception of M.I.A. was extremely far from reality. The video reminded me of a mix between District 9, Gummo and the last Rambo. The video is about 10 minutes long with M.I.A.s new song serving as a good soundtrack. The video, like District 9, makes a political statement about how easy genocide can and does happen. It makes you want to raise your fist and go join a revolution.

We watched the video on which apparently caught wind of it as of early today and yanked it due to nudity and violence, not before M.I.A. could tweet about mad she was they pulled it, but then recanted saying the video is available on her website. I am sure it is available all over the internet by now,  and better yet probably on

As you watch ginger kids heads being blown off by French director Romain Gavras’s film team, know that they will have a feature film that will be indeed named “redheads” in the near future. If it is as well put together as the new M.I.A. video I am sure it will be quite popular in the box office. Let me quit wasting your time, and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch:

Double Down…Ya’ll


I woke up drunk regretting all of the usual mistakes from the night before, felonies, moral transgressions, and copious drug use. I had a mind numbing headache, so I decided what better way to make myself feel a little less hung over? Perhaps I’ll eat some greasy fast food. As I was on my way to Taco Bell I saw a KFC joint, and I thought to myself “fuck that I’m going to get some chicken!” On my way into the fine KFC establishment I saw this “thing” on the door, a sandwich with chicken for buns, Yeah. So being the type of person to forge ahead with trying weird and random ass shit I decided I would get one, to go. I got home and opened the grease laden bag. This thing comes in a burger box a la a Big Mac. I open the box and see a strange looking lump of stuff. It looked like a blob of chicken, bacon and cheese. Upon further inspection I noticed some sort of orange colored mayo based sauce slathered upon the boneless chicken buns. I took a bite. Dry, very dry indeed. I slowly ate half of the thing and was not impressed at all. I started to dissect it. I took off the bacon and tossed it aside. I scraped off all the excess process cheese and ended up tearing and eating the chicken like chicken strips. Overall I would say the sandwich is poor at best. Save your money and get some popcorn chicken or better yet get some Churches.

“SKETCH 4 SKETCH” — Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee kicked off his US art tour today starting at Upper Playground in Sacramento. Legions of loyal fans started to patiently line up outside of the store waiting to get a print, vinyl toy or some other art related object signed and perhaps drawn or painted on by Pardee. Alex Pardees first stop was here in Sacramento he will then go around the United States stopping in cities and finally do his closing show at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco. Pardee and his team had a webcam and laptop in tow which they are streaming all of their showings online. I found out the hard way by having someone inform me not to pick my nose because I was on camera. I looked up at the screen to see myself in 9 seconds past, so I quickly moved out of sight of the camera and watched myself pick my nose in present in the past on the computer. If you are a loyal Pardee follower I am sure you are quite well aware of this tour, but if his name doesn’t ring a bell, check out a showing near you. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything by him, buy a print from him. He is selling beautiful limited edition prints for 40 dollars.

From Mr. Pardees Blog:

Starting on Friday, April 16 in Sacramento, Bay area artists Alex Pardee & Dave Correia, along with filmmaker Stephen Reedy, are venturing across the United States on a quest for some well-needed inspiration. Utilizing social networking software such as Twitter and uStream, and armed with only a camera, a sketch pad, and raffle tickets (with a HUGE prize – see below) to sell along the way for gas money, the crew of artists will be stopping in over 30 cities in random locations around the country, hoping to not only meet fans and friends, but to trade quick sketches (or ANY kind of art) for quick sketches in order to jostle their imagination and drench them in inspiration, and in hopes of mutually offering some inspiration of their own.
Along their journey, some big surprises are going to occur, and we are sure some spontaneous fun will show up, too.

Please follow Alex and Dave on Twitter or Facebook to keep informed on their journey and find out where they will pop up next, and make sure you exchange A SKETCH 4 A SKETCH! More detailed info about the tour and the raffle is below, but first here is a list of the cities we will be stopping in, but you need to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or watch our uStream channel to find out where we will be specifically. Sometimes it might be at a store, sometimes a gallery, or sometimes just at a dumpster behind the Chick Fil-A! (Due to the nature of the tour, the schedule is subject to slightly change with no notice)

Short Video From Sacramento:

Photos From Sacramento:




More Info:

Graffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters, a new coloring book from Dokument Press

Press release:

Characters are both the most easily accessible and neglected area in graffiti culture. They are the figures that stand by the side, drawing attention to the graffiti writer’s name. After Dokument Press’ first coloring book, the Graffiti Coloring Book, art expert and PhD Jacob Kimvall thought it was time for characters to stand in the spotlight. “I’ve always been fascinated by the characters of graffiti. They add playfulness to the poetic quality of the letters, and help to open up the pictures to the viewer. But they also have an artistic language of their own. At the same time, letterers have always enjoyed the highest status among graffiti writers,” says Jacob Kimvall.

Mouthy B-boys and B-girls with athletic bodies, spray cans and boom boxes, comical figures with clear cartoon features and realistic portraits. All the characters in the Graffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters were created by graffiti writers known for their unique styles and expressive characters with attitude. Many of them are among the world’s most famous graffiti writers. New York legends like Revolt, Part One and T-Kid get to meet younger writers from all over the world. Kimvall’s large network within international graffiti culture has been of great help, but gathering material has still been hard and time-consuming. “It’s been an exciting project. Mainly, I’ve realized how important the personal encounter is when gathering material, even in our apparently digital age. Like when I met the two legendary writers Tack and Nic707 at a MacDonald’s under the Harlem subway Line 1 – a meeting that yielded not only two fine drawings, but a visit to the Metropolitan Museum as well.”

“Graffiti is for kids,” said the American graffiti writer Tracy 168 in the early 80s. And even if the oldest writers are now approaching retirement age, graffiti is still a playful art form created by children and youths, as editor Jacob Kimvall writes. In graffiti culture, the black-and-white drawing is both a model for a graffiti piece and a work of art in its own right. Similarly, this book is both a toy and an art history document.

Poem // Repeat

It’s gotten to the point; I go out every night

Drink a pint of whiskey and talk to girls or not

Night after night

After night

After night

It gets old

I’d say it contributes to a collective ring of depression

I see the fellow lurkers out and know they are


We all have problems

Dead dads or moms

Handicapped dads or moms

Raped or abused

Our own little reasons

To explain why we do what we do

Trying to break out of this cycle

Is damn near impossible

Real Texts Sent to Me

From various people at various times.

Patricia: It’ll be cool. I can think of something more fun ;)

Regina: me hella borming but u better hang out!

Ernie: Hella sick… Just chillin on night meds.

Amir: Haha. Sounds good. With hard work comes sluts, drugs and guns…

Kyle: Aha. Why didn’t i think of that. Theres burger and gaga. I swear we discovered another one that i cant remember right now. Lets do research.

Jessica: You said shes an upgrade do you not remember?

Jessica: I know but u said shes betterthan me, i dont disagree

Jessica: Um your texts were saying “u horny? Do you want to be sex partners” or whatever

Leslie: I wanted to sleep w you.. But now I’m put off you freakk! Lol JK