Richard Trainor email

Dear Congressmean Dicks and De Fazio :

This letter was sent to you almost two months ago and I have never received any response back on this matter of political corruption at the highest levels. It is one that involves a number of federal agencies that are not doing their jobs. This is all detailed in my new book, Paradise Lost?: High-Speed Trains get waylaid, shady politicians get billions, and taxpayers get the shaft, Trine Day Publishing, 2009. This is an entirely factual account of a multi-billion dollar stock manipulation scheme involving transportation and land use legislation using.a politically-corrupt process to facilitate private gains.

So let me be perfectly clear here and state for the record again what my concerns are. They are as follows:

* I reported a series of actions to the FBI, the SEC, the IRS, the US Department of Transportation Auditor General’s office and others regarding possible violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 and both federal and state violations of conflict of interest violations where an individual in Congress was using her position to enact or influence legislation that directly benefited her and her husband through his corporate holdings on both transportation and land use projects. The member of Congress in question is U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. The corporations who benefitted from her actions include URS, Catellus Development, Maxxam Corporation, Lockheed-Martin and Texas Pacific Group, all but LMT and Maxxam were either partly owned or financially managed by Feinstein’s husband, investment banker Richard C. Blum when the legislation was enacted or the deals were being negotiated for these projects by Senator Feinstein.
* The actions I reported to the FBI, the SEC, the IRS and others involve the new Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge (approximately $10 billion), the new high-speed train project ($1 billion of public money spent so far for a system likely to cost $50 billion), the Desert Wildlands Act, the Headwaters Forest acquisition, the San Francisco Mission Bay project, the California Water Project (which Congressmen Dicks and De Fazio both objected to) and four others. While it is true that these projects are all California-based, they also receive federal matching funds and require the participation of a number of federal agencies. This makes them a concern to all Americans. The people’s money is being used as the means to get these schemes underway. These are facts.
* When Congressmen Dicks and De Fazio were sworn into office they both pledged to uphold the United States Constiution and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe that the individuals discussed in my book and the actions that they took define them as domestic enemies of the rule ol law.I confronted them all directly and asked them for comment. They have all declined to respond. I know that they are mostly Democrats, but the oath that Congressmen Dicks and De Fazio (and McDermott and Waxman and Senators Murray and Cantwell of Washington and Wyden of Oregon (all of whom have known about these actions for many years, ten in Senator Wyden’s case) swore to uphold doesn’t make distinctions based on party preference. It is part of their job. It is the law, not the law as it applies to Democrats or Republicans
* Do Congressman Dicks and De Fazio believe in the rule of law? If so, why have they not made an effort to at least ask for a U.S. Congressional Rules Committee investigation of these acts that use public monies to achieve private gain? Do Senator Feinstein and her husband and his corporate friends have some special immunity from prosecution card which allows them to continue their practices in perpetuity? If so, where can regular working Americans like myself obtain such a card?
* The letter to U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott in Sacramento, CA in this forwarded letter describes in exacting detail the danger that I placed myself in in order to dredge up the factual information contained in my book. I was assaulted and nearly killed the first time, thrown down a concrete staircase and suffered a broken collarbone on the second assault in Eugene, Oregon, and have been subjected to a smear campaign that I reported to both the FBI and the Ruston Police Department, to whom I presented documentation. Yet I have never received any protection from any of these agencies despite my numerous attempts to obtain it. I would very much like to receive such protection at the earliest possible convenience.

I have been more than patient on this matter but I have been pushed to my limit. I have spent almost $200,000 of my own money on this book and the documents that I have support every fact and figure contained in Paradise Lost? They have been vetted by a prominent class action attorney in California who found them to be credible. An entire box of these documents was also delivered to Special Agent Michael Hunter of the Eugene office of the IRS criminal investiagtions unit and an additional stack of documents was presented by me to FBI Special Agents Carl Chandler and Nancy Devane in Oakland, CA. I am only a reporter, and one who suffered a permanent disability for doing his job. If I could obtain the material that I acquired just imagine what the FBI, or the SEC, or the IRS, or the DOT’s AG office or others could discover with the use of a federal subpoena.

I am sending this same email to all the news agencies listed in the Bcc section ofthis email. There is a veil of silence pertaining to the topics covered in my book which has infected the profession of journalism. I would very much appreciate a prompt response and I do intend to seek legal redress against the local Tacoma office of the Social Security Agency. They are the most duplicitous bunch of conniving bureaucrats I have ever encountered and your office has been made aware of their practices for well over a year now, Congressman Dicks. and I am not the only person who has experienced difficulty dealing with them.


Richard Trainor

No improvement from this drug user

Editor’s note: This recently uncovered audio is a testament to my commitment to the miserable craft of writing. In an effort to become a better writer, a better person, even a better drug user I took the advice of a disgruntled reader. Some dipshit named Geoff suggested I use more drugs to improve my grammar. So I did just that. The name of the actual town where mountain donkeys hail is called Oatman not Kingman.

Against my better judgment, here is a five minute conversation between Pat Seanrick Walsh, myself and some chick.

JSS “Announcement, the line of blow, the size of yard sticks. I’m writing like Paulo Cuelho at this moment. Nothing like Hemingway. I’m gonna get there though. I might just be hearing ‘get weird’.

PSW “I’m going to leave her and go get a drink.”

JSS “Oh my god, can I watch? Oh my goooood.”

PSW “nononono. I mean like, I’m down to you know, you know. I’m gonna bail”

JSS “Someone let the Arabs out!”

PSW “And the thing about it was that it, Bullhead city sucks dick. It’s terrible. You think on a map it sucks, but when you get there and you find out 29 meters over. Hella wild donkeys.

JSS “What does it take for women to be into you? They don’t even knooow. Dude I have like a nice sweater oooon. I got a Northface, I got uppity hipster like hiking type jeans. An they’re just like, nnnough! What the fuck duuuude…

PSW “I talk to ‘em.”

JSS “Yeah,ok, fine. A thousand okays, there’s something else. You know what, fuck those bitches. Pat, continue the joke. We were in Arizona in some shitty fucking… Laughlin!? We were in Luahglin. Yeah what a, what a great place to beee.”

PSW “I was the one who came up with the idea to go that town where the donkeys came from the mountains. Was it like Kinston?

JSS “Kingman, it was Kingman.”

JSS “Hee didn’t fucking figure that one out, my mom goes you should go to Kingman.

PSW “No his mom left a notebook about, hey, here’s the hotspots to hit, when you’re cruising Bullhead City.

JSS “Kingman, by the way had wild goats.

PSW “Donkeys came down from the mountain.

JSS “Splooosh. I love you.”

PSW “So we go there

JSS “and your lifestyle.”

PSW “The only place open sold like Katana swords and nunchucks. And we’re like are those donkeys coming from the mountains.”

JSS “Coffee mugs.”

PSW “So we came here, I shit you not. There are these little pictures. They come down the mountain and they have these manes.

PSW “A mountain, a literally.

JSS “A Moaauuntaaain.”

Someone “That is impossible, I guess.”

PSW “I guuuess, I guuuessss.”

JSS “I guess.”

PSW “I guess.”

JSS “ So I had my switchblade at this point, petting goats.

PSW “And the other thing is, its its, one of them has a sticker on it’s head, you can’t give it a carrot cause it’l die.

JSS “Nouh Joooke.

PSW “Which is the weirdest story you’ll ever hear in your life. …Stickers on their head. Baby donkeys, 12 donkeys. It’s a different breed of, the special breed is caaaalled…What.”


PSW “Nooo, nooo”

PSW “I’m kinda mad that I’m the only person…Yelling ketamine.

JSS “Did youu even haaave real drugs and you didn’t even share’m.”

PSW ‘Joooey, they have these machine you turn upside down. Right nostril right nostril and you get a bunch of cocaine. I got weird drugs over at my house that she gave me.

JSS You have weird drugs? Let’s party.”

PSW “I’m still holding.”

JSS “Do you have weird pills?”

PSW “Yes they’re”

JSS “cause, b’cause I need pills because I’m supposed to become a better writer when I do.”

PSW” No, can you like stay upright and do a pill?”

JSS “Yeaaah, of course I can.”

PSW “The hospital gave me Ambien.”

JSS “Noo I’m cool, I need to go around the corner and graaaab a pija pizza. I need to grab a piece of pizza.”

PSW “You have fives,

Somone” I gave you fives.”

PSW ”I remember the tense.”

JSS “I need a piece of pizza! I need a piece of pizza.

PSW “I know we’re gonna go!

JSS “I need a pizza from around the corner!”