The 1

Is a hater
She loves to make
Me seem like a creep
She secretly likes
And is worse than I,
And plays
But has to hide it
From her
Precious friends
She is too ashamed
I guess
That’s why shes
Hotel Inn

Battle Hymn

















Ebay the new Starbucks?

I sell things from time to time on Ebay, mostly antiques and clothing or basically anything I know will resell. I’m not some super powerseller or anything, I just do it when I have some extra time. I have been a bit busy lately so I haven’t sold so much. Coincidently in this slow period they sent me a survey.

I found this surevy quite interesting in the fact that it was questioning me mainly in regards to whether I would be more inclined to sell if they had EBay branded drop off and pick up services and Ebay stations in the city like local Starbucks! They even worded it as so; “like a Starbucks.”

What could this mean? Is Ebay pondering  starting its own mail service a la UPS or FEDEX. If so, the implications could be huge, especially if they are successful! I wonder if they indeed do decide to do this kind of service if they will partner with an established company utilizing its existing infrastructure, or start their own from scratch. Who knows, maybe they aren’t taking the idea seriously at all. Even if they do go ahead with it, it’s interesting to think of what they may name the company; EbayMail, EbayExpress, Etc. Either way Ebay stock seems like its at a good price right now roughly at $29/ share. Maybe I should buy some.

Abnormal Psychology & Comorbidity

First and foremost let me give you due disclosure; I am new to psychology and plan on entering graduate studies in psychology soon, and I only hold my bachelor’s degree right now. After taking an a few psychology courses and most notably an abnormal psychology course I would like to discuss a topic that keeps entering my mind.

The topic is about how we look at and perceive abnormal psychology as a whole. The DSM-IV-TR is laid out in such a fashion that if one can examine a person’s daily interactions/thoughts/etc they can match these symptoms to a list of corresponding and known disabilities. For example if one has a fear of wide open spaces, and they meet the correct criteria they will most likely be diagnosed with agoraphobia which is translated to “a fear of the market place.” I noticed that within the realm of abnormal psychology each of these afflictions are highly comorbid (2 or more existing diagnosis’s). IE, schizophrenia is often, and almost always comorbid with drug dependence. I begin to question if these comorbidities are by chance or wonder if they hint to us that there is a “deeper level” we should be looking at in order to diagnose mental illness.

Again, admittedly not well versed in this topic, and writing this short article after only reading a beginners abnormal psychology textbook as well as taking the companion course, I often got the notion that the way we look at mental health is incorrect. I can better illustrate my ideas with pictures. If you think of a person as a tree for a moment, imagine that their abnormalities are roots. It seems to me that the DSM treats these abnormalities like a plant that has a very noncomplex root system. Like a weed with a few dangling stringy roots. Within the DSM, if we can find the one, or perhaps two, or three roots, and “take care” of them than we may have fixed the problem. In the picture below the red marks are representative of where the intervention takes place, where the person is diagnosed.


On the second mark in from the left one can see where the DSM would normally define comorbidity. Is this the type of structure that our mental disorders take? Or could it be more highly complex like the roots of a real tree that spawn and sprawl off into the distance. Do we need to work at “jumping up a level” somehow when treating mental health? This is a big question, and you may posit; you can only diagnose what you can see or observe, this is true to some extent, but along with the rapidly growing neurosciences I believe that coupling the behavioral side with the physiological side will be paramount in “finding” this higher level that we can’t treat at present time.

Below is my proposed system of how mental disorders would actually look like if one could “see” them somehow.


The first blue line represents a diagnosis and treatment, the second one does as well but it is comorbid with another affliction. But look up the same root and you will eventually see a red line higher up. If we can treat at this level we are severing 6 different mental health disorders/problems. Some of these roots may be looked at as environmental and social factors as well.

The basic synopsis here is that I think abnormal psychology and the diagnosis and treatment thereof is looked at way too simplistic in the current DSM. I think that we need to look at in a much more complex comorbid-enviornmental-social outlook. We need to look for a higher level of treatment.


One year on my birthday

My sister wrote on my

Birthday card:

“PS. Quit drinking, it will change your life,

It sure changed mine,

Now I have a family,

And I’m quite happy.”

I thought about it

For a few months

When her birthday arrived

I wrote on the bottom of her card:

“PS. I’m quite happy,

As is,

Thank you.”

Layers of reference

If a perfectly painted elephant

Were painted to blend

Exactly as the eye saw it

Against the background

Of a room, or outdoors;


One would say the elephant didn’t exist

If camouflaged exactly so

What if the opposite could also be done?

What if there were empty spaces

Camouflaged inversely

In the background

In a room, or outdoors;


Within our existence

Disguised as the background

That we knew nothing about

What are these spaces then?

The Future

Black squares entombed by

Circles touching edges

Golden cross with a window behind it

A sprinkler head with

A long gun barrel mounted upon it

A large two dimensional rotating surface

With many purple

Buttons upon it

A glowing pyramid

On the horizon

A cylindrical object

Plunges towards earth

This creates




War begins

Under the Hood

A simple moment in time

Was suspended that night

It was drawn out into a universe

A big bang creation within my brain

It affected me deeply

I let it be known, to you, that it did so

And this poem is about you

You act as if it was nothing

That a fly landed on your shoulder

And you swatted it away

Is that the truth?

Which lies within your skull?

Or do your insecurities make you

Act as if you don’t care

Because once you let someone in

And things don’t go your route;

They are shut out?

Lock locked, key swallowed

Or was it a simple emotion

Hate, unhappiness, tiredness, etc.

That had been building?

This could have been conveyed

To me

But for a reason or another

You didn’t convey

Refused to convey

And while I lie restless staring at

The stars

Wondering, wandering, polluting my brain

Do you go on?

With boundless joy?

And if you do, why couldn’t you have

Simply told me

Why you left that one day?

Was it punishment?

Or another device you use

To mentally torture

Taught from mother?

Either way, the water

At Niagara Falls

Still pours over the ledge

As it did 50 years ago

And it will continue to do so

Long after civilization is gone

No grudges held about it taking

An inch a year from its embankment

Just gratitude to the beautiful


In which we inhabit

That you try to blend into

But I saw under the hood

The monster that you let out that night

And I forgave that monster

But that monster must live

And in order to do so

It must cover its tracks