on September 17, 2011 by Mitchel Jonas in Poetics, Comments (0)

Forward Thinking

Bitches get treated like bitches

But always want to be treated like women

Women get treated like women

But always want to be treated like bitches

Bastards get treated like bastards

But they think they are men

Men get treated like men

But they think they are bastards

I try to ring a drip of humanity,

Knuckles white with passion,

Out of a proverbial washcloth

No signs of moisture

The last vulture came

Hundreds of years ago

And drank Gods last tear

That eked its way out

Of this dusty wash cloth

Now in this desert of humanity

Exists, only self pity

Greed, hate, violence

I search

For that picturesque

That movie-marvelous

That Eden

Waterfalls and greenery

That oasis

“Oasis of humanity”

Where humanity treats each other

Like humans

And we all strive to be

Treated likewise

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