Sometimes you think some topics are

Buried 6 foot under forever

And as so much they are

But sometimes the best or worst things

Will resurface

When, or if, they resurface

Their mindsets, their perceptions;

Are theirs. Period

Falling back in like a waterfall

Hands out, free fall

Letting emotion fall down can be

A fatal mistake (arms in or out?)

For what I feel, surely they do not feel

Easily cold they are which is OK

One may ask:

Continue or not? As, I don’t want more

What I have is just fine

But I don’t want to allow myself

To fall, they’re broken

Jagged rocks break the steady stream

Don’t know what to do

Though their moral mind tells them

Exactly what to do

The tension is like sandpaper

Smooth sandpaper

That doesn’t hurt

That has no tension

I miss them, kiss them, piss on them

They are in bliss, looking in eyes

Those eyes with reflections of


As if they were mine

But with no thought of me

I miss that person;

Though I shouldn’t, hearts drop

They shouldn’t;

Goodbyes are always hard

But those that are meant to


For a while, at least

Unification unexpectedly asked

Throws amazement in mind

Wonder runs rampant

Choices made, excitement

A few years til’ divorce

Emotion on my part

Rendered null and void

I am sorry, as I am sure you are

Maybe emotional connections we

Made, maybe not

You said I love you sometimes

Sometimes I said it

Sometimes I didn’t answer

Sometimes you didn’t

Everything has changed

One thing will never

I will always blank blank blank blank you

Fuck or Love, guess.

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