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Peaceful Protests Result of Brainwashed Hippies?

Since the mid to late 1960’s we have seen a push for “peaceful protests” by all means. Almost Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon since MLK was semi-successful gaining some of his goals further giving African Americans, their inherently due rights. What this short article wishes to completely not focus on is race, or any political issues for that matter. It will look at class and tactics classes may use to further their own interests.

What I have often wondered, and am sure I am not the only person who has posited this same idea is; did this push for peaceful movements arise because it really works, or was it just a way the bourgeoisie could protect their interests and limit liabilities in times of upheaval and rebellion. The controlling class in the USA knows from time to time there will be uprisings from unhappy workers not making enough to carve out a decent living.

If these protesters are molded and brainwashed into always having peaceful protests during these hard times, the bourgeoisie will inevitably have less costs incurred from busted buildings, broken windows, looted shops. Furthermore their “protectors,” the police, are less apt to be harmed. Lastly if the protesters are violent, and managed to get past these protectors, or convince the protectors to change sides, they would be violently held accountable. These are three outcomes that were directly confronted in the tumultuous 1960’s and the ruling class most likely brainstormed about back then.

They knew like minded groups that would be against them would be leftist groups such as what we are seeing with the current Occupy movement, which has maintained peace. These groups would generally demand some level of equality for the masses. The opposite argument is that the 1% that controls the majority of the worlds wealth see themselves as the so-called “economic engine” which drives everyone’s minimum wages up.  Reagan called this “trickle down economics,” I would prefer to call it, “conglomerate and control” economics.

Why “conglomerate and control” you may ask. Here is a simple example in which I think anyone can easily understand, and that I have personally seen in my lifetime. When I was a little boy, the shopping complex down the street had a small local grocery store, a shoe repair store, an independent video rental store, a small pet store, and nail solon. What resides there now? A 99cents Only store and a liquor store. All these shops started disappearing in the early 90s when box stores started to dominate. So now instead of many independent stores having owners making middle class incomes, we have conglomerated all these stores into one big local Walmart where people get paid minimum wage. Is this trickle down method working? I don’t think so, not by a long shot.

People want back a simpler America where they can work their way up a ladder and make a decent living for themselves. No more and no less. Has the ruling class, the bourgeoisie brainwashed us into being submissive slaves who do peaceful sit-ins? I can’t answer that. Will violence once again erupt into our society after people become more and more despondent? I can’t answer that either. Are peaceful protests versus violent uprisings more effective? These are all questions left open for debate. Perhaps a violent uprising in The United States of America is closer than we realize.

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