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Grey Day

I’m fucking sick and tired of living in a world of black and whites (not race). I’m tired of everything having to be one or another, no dualities, promoting one cause or hating it. No one can just say, “I’m standing right in the middle on that issue.” That is the problem with almost everything in our country. The rich have been laughing since the Reagan and Bush One tax cuts that widened the wealth gap, realizing that they pay less (percent-wise) than the average middle class American. But all you hear in the media are people talking about either “no new taxes” or “new taxes.” Black and white, no compromising to be had anywhere. After seeing that trickle down economics is a fail, why don’t we move on? Oh, I know: because the rich have become a juggernaut that can’t be stopped.

So back to the basics, let’s look at the right wing and the left wing. The purists on the right would like to keep getting fatter and fatter and playing chess with their billion dollar companies as if it’s a weird rich-person type of game, but we need to get a handle on this delusional mess. There are two types of republicans; those that are rightly stereotyped the powerful tycoons, sans Warren Buffet and there are the working class ones. I often wonder why the working class right-wingers who listen to talk radio are so indoctrinated. And I figured it out; they have a sense of false class consciousness. Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and these other pundits are the upper class false consciousness agents. Why would one be so suicidal to vote against health care that would perhaps save their dying sister or son? Why would one vote to not lower their middle class taxes? Because these agents that work for the bourgeoisie play on the social issues at hand. The issues that are played and are a tired discourse of failed trumpeters.

If the right is the black, let the left be the white (color here has no negative or positive connotation here). On the extreme left side we have the academic elites many of which are behaviorists who think they are supreme in knowledge and would love to be able to mold the average citizen in a perverse academic experiment-world void of freedom. Never mind innate human rights, for these elites know what is best for everyone. They are better read and have more knowledge, therefore it makes them seemingly more qualified to be on a path to what looks like a dictatorship to me.

What we need is gray! Let’s look at Norway, Sweden and Finland. These and other socialist countries have been quietly thriving and extremely successful for many years now. The major global crisis’s rarely ever touch them. They have very high satisfaction rates amongst the populace, high creativeness rates, and great health care. The propaganda you have heard opposite of this is likely coming from the American power broker elites. Socialism is synonymous with communism in the United States for some reason, but why? If one were to look on a spectrum, with communism on one side and capitalism on the other socialism would be smack dab in the middle, gray. Maybe humans need to start taking their heads out of their assholes and take a look around at what is working well in other countries. Perhaps we can borrow the best from each country, such as collectivism from eastern countries. It’s time to quit bickering in this black and white world and make a nice gray haven.


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