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Womens Poerty Series

Introduction:  There are currently many protests accompanied by much upheaval throughout the world. A very important issue which has not gotten its due attention these days are; womens rights. Yes, here in the United States and to varying degrees all over the globe women are still far from being on a level playing field. In some countries the landscape facing women is much more daunting. Such an example can be shown in much of Africa and the Middle East where women still are forced to have female genital mutilation (FGM). I wrote these poems not to steal the light from such fine movements as Occupy, but  to add a voice to the crowd and stand in solidarity. Here is the first installment, more to come soon.

Note: These poems contain explicit content.


They pluck you from your
Village your hut
Your sanctuary, your haven
Converted to your hell
Rivers of blood run down
His fundamentalist arms
Your dampened screams
Echo through the desert canvas
Hut doors occasionally open
Heads pop out and inquisitively
Look around to see nothing
A piece of your flesh emerges
It is laid on your upper leg
Everything has changed
Everything hurts
Everything has changed


A youth stolen
Plundered by a family friend
Not a stranger
Man in van with candy
Chubby, moustache
Like media portrays
Not this time, he was
Very close, unsuspected
So close in fact
You are afraid to expose
As this would break
Everyone’s paradigms
You avoid eye contact
With him at family functions
Does he think she forgot?
Sex isn’t desired by her
It gives her shame
she often wonders why everyone
Wants it, she is alone
She is one third
Of all women


The man is the workhorse
He makes the world go round
If it wasn’t for him
Nothing would function
Factories smoke stacks wouldn’t smoke
Conveyer belts wouldn’t convey
Timber wouldn’t fall
And criminals wouldn’t be arrested
Women are here to please the man
To make babies and
Later be nice old grandmas
Surprising this is how much
Of the world still thinks
But in reality
Allyn and Bacon
Have shown as fact:
Women do 66% of the worlds work
To only receive 10% of the income
This fact lies in stark contrast
Of age old stereotypes
And should give everyone
A resounding wakeup call
Smack in the face


Fake tits, nose
Fake ass, lips, cunt
Nip, tuck
Cut, peel
Scrape, scalpel
Real life Photoshop
These are only the younger years
Around 45, here comes round 2
Botox, Facelift, Botox
More shit lifted
Left looking like
A washed up mistake
The problems
Run deep
But you have only
Treated the surface
Those magazines once read
As youth brainwashed
So subconsciously
You are adamant that
Those ads didn’t affect
You, not you, maybe them
But not you


The masses show their Vendetta
Masks, they chant
We are the 99%!
Their cause is just
Have we forgotten?
For eons, the other half
The 50%, women
Have never been equal
What will it take?
Awareness, campaign, or movement
What will adjust environments?
To equalize the playing fields
99 percent to 50 percent
To African American 14%
To American Indian 1%
Everyone needs equality
But some have been waiting much
L    O    N    G    E    R

Lesbian Accessory

Sexuality trivialized
Chic hipsters marginalize
Lesbianism by making it a
Fashion, cheapened for those
That had to reveal to
Unwelcoming family, friends
Sorrow and heart break
Still enduring
Some moms never talk to her again
Some dads do the same
Some friends gone forever
No luxury to pull back
And choose another color
Accessory ordered to go
American Apparel
Just buy what they wear
On the back of Vice Magazine


As soon as baby girl
Ejects from vagina
Pink, sparkles, tiaras, etc.
Are vomited on to her
As she tries to cry
Pink pacifier with glittery tip
Shoved in her mouth
Her doll toys are
Barbies and Bratz
It is obvious these dolls,
If they were real humans, have sex
Lots of it, they look the part
So we push these plastic
Role models on our little
Girls at a young age, why?
Are we subliminally
Our youth at abhorrently
Young ages?

Abhorant Shun

Bible belt billiards
Balls represent the years/decades
They are on a haphazard pool table
We call America
Abortion the issue being played upon
Still becomes an election time issue
Religions still attempt to
Impose their way on all
They chant “murderers, murderers”
As they run to go to war
And kill some “Sand Niggers”
We are one of the only
Nations still making an issue
Out of this human right
And why’s America still in the dark ages
Let women do what they want
Leave them alone
Let them choose
Let your god
Their god
No god
Buddah, Whomever your
Creator or judgment day judge
Judge, and move on to some
Real issues


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