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Pondering “Psychosocial Evolution”

I often let my mind wander in in the realm of psychosoocial Darwinism, as it is entruiging yet elusive what may become of us humans if our brains evolve in the future (they have up to this point, so why stop now?). Will our prefrontal cortexes continue to grow out forward? Will we enjoy the power associated with an advanced brain, growing something perhaps called a pre-prefrontal cortex or device similar to this? If our current prefrontal cortex is the decision making center, what function will this so called preprefrontal cortex have?

We really can’t guess, looking back on modern humans before we had the prefrontal cortex as advanced as we do now could we have even been able to rationalize what higher level decision making would entail? Doubtful, as we wouldn’t have the proper nueral pathways that could make this into a coherent sensible thought. Perhaps our current brain, without any extension or change that may occur, can likewise not recognize or comprehend what that change may be.

But it’s still fun to guess at what these changes could be. Perhaps there would be some sort of symbiotic funtioning center, where we as humans evolve to coexist and work in tandem with eachother in peace and in harmony. Maybe after years and years of brutal war and conflict, those who enjoy to fight compelled by things such as war, money, and power will be naturaully selected to not reproduce.

Maybe the evolution will turn murdering into an act so unthinkable humans never partake of it at all. Just like taking a dagger and puncturing your stomach and ripping up extremely hard, no one does this, unless they are criminally insane. So, perhaps somthing on this magnitude will be the type of evolution that will occur of a vast period of time.

This brings us to an important place; will there be outliers that deviate and become problems? It is hard to say since we don’t really know what will happen in this course of natural selectoin. Perhaps these functions of the brain will make these actions extinct like an animal forever lost to the endagered species list. Or maybe a weird breed of super-criminal will emerge for super-ciminal fighters to fight. It is just impossible to say at this point since our brains can’t comprehend what changes may occur.

What I am inclined to guess is that the processes that will occur with humans will involve the mutual survival of our specieces, so it is fairly safe to say that these changes will be in the love / kind / caring / peace / etc. realms. War and conflict cause devistation and death. Peace and education lead to well being and happiness, this is therefore the obvious route natural selection should lead us as perfecting humans.

Superpowers? Is it possible we could develop them? Very likely indeed, if we look at many different animals and insects they possess natural processes that if adapted to humans would be interpreted as super powers. The ability for the squid to almost completely dissapear into its background, differnt insects being able to see the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums, ginkos being able to walk up completely flat non-porous walls. These are just a small smattering of possible funtions we could come to possess. This doesn’t even include the possiblity of higher unknown functions that we may be able to tap into.

What if there is some sort of quantum mind? Perhaps the mind and consciousness is some sort of state that is encapsulated in our neural network. Perhaps by physical processes still unkknown to us there are ways that we could develop communication by sending signals directly from brain to brain (telepathy). The sky is really the limit on what could occur.

Since it has not happened, and therefore may not be explored it is generally not considered a science, but I propose just as a meteorologist forcasts the weather, it is possible for us to forcast the possiblities that may lie in wait for Human psychosocial evolution, and should not be looked past with a laugh. Even though we will not see it in our lives, we are supposed to see computers reach a cognitive level matching our minds any year now, perhaps we can model computers to go beyond what our minds can do, and this is where the real magic lies.

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