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Schools Financial Credit Union Robs Poor Members.

By Staff Writer: James Smith

It isn’t often I take up space on this website to rant about businesses which I dislike. But I have had enough with this group and feel that I must in this case. I have been a member of SCHOOLS FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION for over 12 years. I am not claiming to be a model customer by any means but I have never done them any wrong. I have paid off two cars over the years with them. I have often overdrawn my account, but have ALWAYS promptly repaid them. They closed my account once (after I had been laid off, and was looking for a new job) but it was opened back up.

About six months ago after a financial review I decided my bank account needed a closer look. I calculated all the fees they had charged me over the last fiscal year. The amount was almost 1000 dollars! This was about 6% of all my wages for the entire year. Yes, I only make about 16K a year, as I work part time, go to school part time, as well as put in much time at charities.

This above frames the larger picture, so let me give you an idea of how the last transaction went about, a micro view: I went into the branch and I got out some money, I also knew that I had bills coming out so asked the teller at the branch to transfer money from my checking into my savings. He said OK, but it turns out he never did. I checked my account online a few days later to find -250 dollars in my checking and 250 in my savings account. They had let payments come out of my account (with an attached 27 dollar fee each) until my two accounts were equal. You see, they knew how much money I had, and how long to keep stealing before they would stop. Here is my simple question: If you have the god damned money in your account why don’t they just fucking take it? Now I am out of 150 dollars, and they say there is nothing that they can do.

In my opinion Schools Credit Union doesn’t want low income accounts, this of course touches those the most in lower socioeconomic status, therefor it is harder for Latin, African American, etc., people to get and maintain an account. I am not saying that this problem occurs only with Schools, but the mistrust we all feel for the banking industry has surely crept into the Credit Unions as well. Before you open an account with Schools in the local Sacramento area, I would reccomend looking towards Golden One, Safe or another area credit union first. I would love to hear similar stories, so feel free to comment below.

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