Nagging Reminders

My shitty slide-belt-buckle
Or whatever they are called
Keeps gouging up in my stomach
Making a red line above my pubic hair
My 10 year old Dickie’s pants
Have an annoying waxy-torn texture
They are far more comfortable than
30 pound jeans
I see people wearing jeans and I wonder
How they find them comfortable
They are so heavy
Maybe it’s like when you get new
Glasses or braces, or a necklace
It starts to feel normal after a while of wear
The same applies when you get a new job
Getting paid 80K+ a year, bumped up fast
Get pulled into the creature comforts
of an overdeveloped world
I hope I never find myself in this hell
I like the annoying, nagging nuances of being
It reminds me, that I still have it better than
99.9% of the world
It reminds me my head is screwed on straight
That i have not fallen into the hole
It reminds me that I have still not fallen
Into the false class consciousness limbo
The Bourgeoisie dangles in front of my face

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