T-shirts Get Ripped Off My Body

Last year I had 4 shirts torn off my body

The first two happened in the same night

Lanai, my girl at the time, got real drunk

And out of control, She was screaming

Throwing the dishes, the lot

I sat there and took it, what else can a man do in these situations

Well for whatever reason she grabbed my

Upper Playground t-shirt and

Right by the collar tore, then came my

Wife beater undershirt, RIIIIP

Screaming yelling, breaking

The cops bang on my door

“Open the door or else we are going to break it down”

I had never had a cop called to my house


Similar outbursts by this temper tantrum prone

Girl, resulted in two more shirts being ripped off


The last one came off one night

After the bars with my drinking buddy Jeremey

He had some douche bag start shit with him

He sat there meek taking it

I waited outside the bar until after hours

And found this guy, punched him in face

As many times as he deserved

Knuckles to flesh face feel great sometimes

Two girls jumped in

I was outnumbered now

Jeremey towered around, afraid, not knowing what to do

I swerved around the girls like a ballerina

And kept the punches coming to that sucker

Then two of his guy friends jumped in

Finally I hit the ground

Shirt got torn off once again

Another Upper Playground tee

We scurried away as we heard

Sirens in the background

Got home and took a pull of whiskey

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