Tonight is the night

Books warp and bend down my shelf

Banana shaped, with books smiling at me

It’s going to break

Vonnegut, Hemingway, and Camus

Will crash down upon on my computer

Which has a fucked up H key, super glued on

It’s lies on a shelf below the twisting shelf

As they fall

My USB cable that leeches free internet

From the business across the way will

Whip out of the socket and land in the

Cat food, my cat will look at me weird

I’ll hook it back up but the internet will

Not work, fuck a Christmas Eve network

I’ll take it as a sign from one or more

Of my dear author friends, long gone

Pick up the book and begin to read

Hemingway will give me ideas of booze

And Camus will bring out the romantic in me

Vonnegut will inspire me to get up and go

I will creep down to the only lonely

Sad bar open in midtown on a

Christmas Eve and order:

Double shot whiskey on the rocks, splash of soda

I will scan the bar for another similar soul

I will not see her

I will go home empty handed and pet my cat

And wake up not remembering it

I will have a dry mouth

That will be replenished with water

That came from leftover bottles my

Ex-type-whatever-you-call her (problem)

Left behind, tucked away in the back of the


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