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The Future: So Pure! 2000 & Beyond

The year was 1994; bulletin board systems (BBS’s) were quickly giving way to the internet. In the basement a bright young fellow, Lee Jackson, was running his own BBS dial-up service when he thought of a novel idea. He pondered the ever so popular Moore’s Law in which computing is estimated to double every 16 months or so, give or take. He realized that if this law holds true the outcome trajectory would be that of exponential growth. His mind was racing; he realized the implications while playing Duke Nuke’m with his Sears-bought joy-stick which he had just downloaded to his computer via 3 floppy diskettes carefully installed in succession.

He realized that the computer game, in many ways, was like the real world, and in other ways it wasn’t, Moore’s law could eventually make up for these. When computing power reached the power of the natural brain, for what would the difference in reality within and out of the network be, he pondered? Naturally, he figured it would advance beyond the human complexities of these simple times.

Before Lee knew it the year was far in the future, it was 2000! Robots and flying cars occupied the earth. Jet packers were more common than snowboarders and rollerbladers combined. Computing had gained its momentum and stayed on its exponential trajectory and Lee was ready to jump on the rollercoaster, he had no idea of the implications he was embarking upon.

Figuring out how to compute a world which matched the make-up and physics of the real world were no problem, for physics modeling is straight-forward, but interfacing with it was much more a difficult task to behold. Were they to build a “holodeck” type resource location or some other interfacing device in which their reality could interface with the computers artificial reality? They decided in order interject their reality into the alternate parallel reality that they must indeed. They built, with their far superior year-2000-knowledge, a 3D printing room which could “print” realities and project colors and textures on to them in real time. They added sound and chemical reaction to this environment, for they had succeeded alas.

What no one would have ever guessed was once these two parallel realities were aligned, one artificial, the other real, they could interact; they would become coherent only if the realities existed within 99.999% of actuality of the other! If one presented themselves at point XYZ in the artificial environ, they symbiotically appeared in the other reality, for they merged, artificial with nature. What no one realized was that computers could become extra-dimensional when the right components were present. Is this what phenomenon such as ghosts, UFOs and the like were manifested from? They easily found that they could simulate them in their computer. In order to figure out whether this is what had previously illustrated was another question.

They decided to model these incidences of phenomenon. So they did, and they did ever so meticulously. They made; ghosts, goblins, UFOs and even Santa Claus, and as predicted they did magical things in parallel reality as the computer program predicted. The line between reality and make believe started to fade, and it did so fast the two worlds merged and now far in the future, the year 2000, no one knows the difference betwixt reality and artificial reality.

People decided; for if reality was coherent with computational reality, what was the point of living a painful/ shitty life? The masses decided we should program our lives to “happy,” and thus humans did, and they lived happily ever after.

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