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Bet on Like Horses

When does design become art?

When does art fade to design?

When is poetry really prose?

When is a short story really poetry?

Where does philosophy intersect with physics?

When does physics give way to philosophy?

When can pop music be considered classic?

Was classical music once pop music?

When will the speculators and sideline watchers

Stop sitting by the sideline commentating?

From their privileged balcony deck

Scene royalty loyalty passed down through last name

Allows them to be educated, connected

Left liberal elite

Right conservative elite

When does the liberal system give way to

Being on the authorities’ side?

Where do right wing libertarian concepts allow for

Copious military spending?

Problems are conceived by analysts

Far removed from the playing field

Puppeteer with a fashionable smile

They have us all on in our respective fields

Artists to engineers to doctors

All engaged in our little “scenes”

Every profession has a divide

There are at least two warring factions

Engineered, and bet upon

Played upon

Bet on like horses

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