Pretty Birds

Nobody wants to listen to your everyday drivel

About how you walked to the store and saw a fire truck

It was oh so novel

Big fucking deal, it happens to all of us

People want to hear a fake fucking story

They want to hear about how you forgot to put on a condom

Or how you used an oil based lubricant and it broke

And you cummed up in her, deep in her guts

You got her prengant, and you begged her to abort it

They want to hear about how you strained yourself

To shit out the biggest shit of the year

And now your asshole is bleeding

They want to hear about how you were

So drunk you ripped a girls tampon out with your teeth

Flung it against the wall and fucked her hard

They want to hear about how you tittie fucked her

And made her eyes red with your semen

They want to hear about how your junk filled vein collaped so

You had to find a new one

And your doctor noticed and put you on a program

They want to hear that you have hep-c, AIDS, herpes

That’s what people want

Not the fact birds flew over head and they were


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