Sunday April 19th 2015



String on Finger

Once I heard the most beautiful

Music I ever had

It enchanted my ears

I never wanted to turn it off

It made me feel perfect

Not as intense as an orgasm

But a perfect high it created

It made my life feel right

I wore head phones and the music

Was always there

I didn’t even have them plugged in

But the music just played

On and on, I felt it

I didn’t ask where it came from

Or how it worked

It felt too good to question

It played while I slept

Like a big warm hug around me

It played as I worked

As I watched TV

It was always there

I was always beaming a smile

Then one day

Mid-stride it ceased

No record scratch exit

Nothing, no explanation

Now I feel like a junky

Clawing for junk

Where are you music

I needed you

But just as mysterious as it

Started playing through my headphones

It was gone

It has gotten easier with time

But I always ask myself where

That music went


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