on February 8, 2012 by Mitchel Jonas in Poetics, Comments (0)


As the ancient river that crawls endlessly

Through the sprawling jagged mountains

Tipped with moss and wind swept trees

Comes to a curve, the engineers eye this spot

Their minds made at dinner after cyclically downing

White cups half full of 50% alcohol content wine

For they have decided to erect a monumental dam

Here, and for the greater good of the country

This is the line they use on those displaced

Millions of people will have access to clean

Pure water, Hell the new lake will be a tourist attraction itself

Yet those ancient legacies that exist, existed

On the edges of the river will be flooded over

As mother natures tears blend with

The tears of those whom most vacate

Or be swallowed up by the snaking water

Stories handed down by generations will be buried

Silt will cover any remnants of the past

The future children that never saw the banks

Probably won’t even believe the future tales told

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