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It’s Official: Black Triangle Sightings in US are NSA Surveillance Drone Blimps

Commonly known as BBD (Big Black Deltas), BBT (Big Black Triangles), or Stealth Blimps, have been finally confirmed by a high ranking official (anonymous) that these sightings are a part of a joint “Unacknowledged Special Access government Program (USAP) by the NSA/NRO/CIA/FBI. The whistle-blower voices concern over the fact that these mammoth pilotless drones are overflying almost all moderate cities in the United States and they are collecting many formats of communication, from radio bands, to satellite phones and even certain WiFi connections. This signals intelligence (SIGINTS) is piped into the NSA computer system voice recognition keyword search program.

This joint venture was launched quickly after 9-11. Our source confirmed that these aircraft have been in experimental and functional modes since the late 1980s. These stealth blimps have an array of collection devices on board. They are then relayed to satellite and then back down to various NSA sites where they are finally deciphered and in some cases listened to by humans. There is growing dessent about the program from within, as it currently sidesteps the United States Constitution. If it wasn’t billed under USAP status, “it would not be in existence, period.”

Our source airs concerns about “close calls” where large populations witnessed the ships either having technical problems and resetting, or close to government facilities where they land and are mantained. Our source tells us “it is just a matter of time before one falls out of the sky due to malfunction or other reasons.” The program does have a rapid response team but if it happens in a largely populated area it, “won’t matter.”

The source stressed that this program is not black, USAPs virtually, “don’t exist.” There is no paper trail to the program, at all. It is said that when President Obama was brought into the White House he was reluctant to continue the program but none the less, did continue it. We need to expose the lies, dirty tricks and unconstitutional route the government has gone. You heard it here first on LanguageAbuse.

Popular Mechanics Stealth Blimp Mock-Up


Although, this was caught in England it is the same aircraft.

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