The End of the Internet? Naw.

There is a lot of talk about “net neutrality” these days. If you don’t know what net neutrality is here is a quick rundown; If you bought a certain speed level of internet access, for example, say you decided to go with the middle plan with AT&T. They should allow you to connect to at the same speed as That is essentially all there is to it, allowing you to connect to any website or web service at the same speed level within the package that you bought. All people in the middle range AT&T plan could, or should, be able to access any data regardless of source, at the same speed.

So now if you think about it, if net neutrality goes unchecked and there is no standard for it then what keeps a service provider from accepting money from larger companies that would allow certain access to their site? For example, what if Wal-Mart paid AT&T x amount of dollars a month to accelerate their site to ensure that potential buyers have a “fast” experience? It would be weird if you started to notice certain corporate websites running very fast and other independent websites running mysteriously slow. You go to pay your prepaid phone bill and that goes fast and easy, but then you want to jump over to independent website and buy a shirt and the connection is painfully slow

Will it get out of control? Will you have to eventually be a big company to even have a website? Doubtfully, but should internet providers have a say in what speed certain content gets sent at all? I certainly don’t think so. But how would there be controls put in place that guarantee the users fair access?

It is nice to know that some large companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Vonage, Ebay, Amazon, and Microsoft have taken a stance advocating for net neutrality. Google likens the idea of net neutrality to someone using their phone. Should the phone company tell one who you should be able to call? Of course not. There are some opponents though. Hands Off The Internet, a group that argues against net neutrality is shockingly funded by AT&T, 3M and some other corporate lame asses.

There is some legislation being pushed forward to make sure that we can all do speed. But most anything you can find about current legislation seems very convoluted. We need to keep our eye on this topic and not let the large telecom companies pull the wool over our eyes. The FCC has laid down so called “Guidelines” but last time I checked, you don’t get in trouble for breaking guidelines. Demand a clear law that states that the telecom companies can not adjust the speed of your connection based on content. It really is just that simple!

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