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Working Out Can Be Complex

The more one self indulges
Lives the hedonists life
Works out,
Eats out,
Goes out,
He forgets about the
The plights that exist
All around the world
Maybe get a glimpse of them
From time to time
But nicely shielded by
The handy off button
This hedonists life
It’s like a warm blanket of
You stay busy and you don’t
Have time
Time to think, to toil
About world issues
How America is at the center
Of this fucked up
Spiral; spiraling out
Of control
At the gym I see
Hippies that eat granola
Espouse organic foods and yoga
“socially minded”
But when I wasn’t at the gym
I was spending much more time
Being a revolutionary
Those who spend time
Jet setting around the world
Here is an idea for you:
Give the poor person
where YOU would be visiting
The money you would have spent
To buy a ticket to YOU, here
Mind me
And I can’t help to think
That they are wearing their
Hedonist blanket of warmth
With altruistic logos on it
Member of various preservation societies
Outsources good deeds
By the credit card
Wear the symbol on your blanket
A blanket isn’t a shield
You can’t have it both ways
Get out
Start a revolution
Get your work-out
From throwing Molotovs

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