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Working Out Can Be Complex II

Wide eyed and bushy tailed
Eager to make new friends
My first day learning to rock climb
This tall one smiled up to me
She offered up her assistance
She helped me with my knots
Gave me some pointers
And with kind soft words
Encouraged me to come again
Time passed and we saw each other
Here and there
Usually swinging from ropes
We decided to climb together
And we did
Out of the blue one weekend
A few months down the road
We crossed that intimate line
Once that happens usually the
Flood gates of hell open
And they did
We had a nice weekend together
Eating scrambled eggs to cure
Laying in the grass
Whispering corny things to each other
Complicated thoughts
Made it all really weird
Very fast
She obviously thinking
I was way more into her than I was
And me seeing her
For what she is
Fragile deep down, hard outer to cope
Cheap rich girl veneer
Straight from a rich SF suburb
I wish that she
The one who can’t
Keep friends
Or perhaps
Chooses to not keep friends for long
Never walked up to me
Because all it’s been is a pain in the ass
And now we have to trade back books
Me: A Buddhist book
Her: One of Richard Feynman’s books

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