on July 19, 2012 by Mitchel Jonas in Poetics, Comments (0)

No Sleep

You know those fast and hard ones

The type you know will crash and burn

Ending ugly, looking for exit strategy early

Just in case

Crying, screaming outside will happen

Well, it was one of those

Calm amid the morning peace

The weather on a summerSacramentoday

Unusually overcast giving it a Bay area feel

I lay there in her comfortable bed

Holding each other

Whiskey on our breath

We chat for a few minutes and pass back out for a bit

We both awoke about an hour later to a phone


I woke up streaming drool

Down my stubble beard face

Like a slow motion waterfall

Pooled on her upper chest

I couldn’t help but to laugh

As I asked her where it had gone

She said about a half a cup was

On her clavicle

She corrected herself


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