Communism 101: Things you should know but probably don’t

So many people talk about Barrack Obama being a socialist and/or communist, flying banners saying “Barrack HUESSEIN Obama this, and Barrack HUESSEIN Obama socialist that”. Clearly emphasizing his middle name because it sounds Middle Eastern, this is only done to garner racism. Most people who spout that and right wing talking points are usually dipshits who don’t really read, ever. My intention here is to write a quick article that one can read then be able grasp the real idea and ideals behind big bad communism.

And then Karl Marx was born. He linked up with a man named Friedrich Engels. In short they worked on a new theory of society together; one that they thought could make the world a better place. These visionaries were born during much turmoil and they endured a lot of the negative effects of being have-nots in society and that dramatically shaped their views. Engels dropped out of high school at an early age. Marx had it even worse and primarily relied on Engels for support since Engels family business was making a decent income at the time. The two saw the inequality in society and thought that indeed there had to be a better way.

The genius thing that Marx accomplished was to look at the evolution of social order. He looked at history and how empirically social evolution went from slaves and slave owners, the most pure form of haves and have-nots, to the peasants, serfs and nobles, a more fair system but not by a whole lot. Forwardly thinking you can look at capitalism as the next iteration of social order.

What is money? One key thing that Marx did was to state that Money represents not physical things, but the work that was imparted on it by the person who made said object. If you look at the money system this way then those who pay you to work are in effect in complete control of selling your labor. Marx called those who pay the workers and make money from their labor the bourgeoisie and those who sell their labor as the proletariat.

If you are to look at objects, land and everything that exists, who is to say “I own that”? It’s a very philosophical question. If you say, “Yes, you can own it”, Then who was the first owner? How do you claim it originally? At some point someone “took” it. One might say, “Hard work in this country can make anyone rich”. That may be true to some extent but overall statistically the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. The rich know this and have mechanisms in place that keep the poor from rising up the ranks and moving into their higher class. They make it hard for the proletariat to get a good education; it’s expensive. What do you need to start a business? Money and a lot of it! “Well just save up, and start your own business”, right? Idealistically the rich can dole out all these arguments and other similar stories until their faces turn blue, but the true stories of people making it “rich” in one generation, except for lotto winners, is extremely rare.

Lastly and very importantly one of the main mechanisms that the bourgeoisie uses is what’s called “false class consciousness”. Most right winger middle class workers are under this umbrella. They always vote against raising taxes that would directly help them! Why? Because the rich have fine tuned the way they deliver their morals to those folks. The Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks can be looked at as agents for the bourgeoisie who pound the idea that welfare is for losers and that health care isn’t a human right into the heads of these people that could benefit from such programs.

If you do a thought experiment where you have someone with 20 dollars in one hand and 5 in the other, then you tell another person to choose a hand to take money from. But before, and over time, you have brainwashed that person and told said person that only “losers” ever take from the left hand (which by the way always has the 20 in it). The rich will always put the 5 in their right hand. That is in direct correlation with how false class consciousness works in this country

Going back to the evolution of society, Marx saw that over time societies seem to level out in regards to fairness and distribution of wealth as a function of time. So together they asked what would come naturally after capitalism. Maybe something that would involve everyone sharing the earth and all things that come from the land, natural resources. This is the fundamental idea behind communism. Think of the earth as something we should all share and protect, and also the fact that money represents labor. Communism rebukes the idea that we should trade our labor. We should do what we want and enjoy for work, and work in conjunction and harmony with our fellow humans. They thought that just maybe they could bypass the anguish that would come along with the juggernaut course of capitalism and the ravaging path it would leave and jump straight to communism. History has shown that jump can’t be smooth.

Communism is not evil in intentions, and whether it works or not is to be seen. Maybe it will take the world being half way under water to make it work. Maybe it will take a million years and evolution of human minds. Maybe some other form of society will pop up that no one ever thought about. Capitalism doesn’t seem sustainable, but maybe the market will in some miraculous act shape itself so it doesn’t self destruct.

Lastly, I want to add, if you pay taxes you are socialist. So Barrack Obama is a socialist, you are a socialist and this country has always been socialist.

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