What do you want from us?

Just as any other night of the week, my friend Ron and I decided we would walk to a local hole in the wall and get some drinks. Flask packed so I could discreetly pour additives to my one, or possibly two, bought drinks at the bar, we grabbed the umbrella because some clouds were looming. There was a strange feeling in the air, probably because the streets were dark and quiet. We were talking about this girl I had just met and we were going to go to a location that she would be at. He told me about his recent dealings in NYC. Nothing unusual, just friendly banter commenced betwixt us for about five to ten minutes. Right when we neared 19th Street we heard a yelp.

Our heads spun like two lazy suzans at a holiday feast. There was this little guy with a decent build creeping up from behind on us. The fact that he was in the middle of the street should have triggered in my mind something was not right. He came rushing up to us with one hand in his pocket gripping something. A knife, gun, nothing or maybe his dick, but I didn’t know what. I was not in the mood for fighting but the guy looked normal and I wanted to figure out what he wanted. I asked, “Do I know you?” He promptly returned, “Yes, we know each other well!” I said “I really don’t think I know you!” He said, “Dude, what are you talking about we met the other night.” I thought for a moment trying very hard to think if perhaps I had met him in a drunken haze at one point. I decided that I hadn’t. Aware of the threat that could be looming in his pocket; I asked him how he knew me. He said that we went to Fairfield High School together. I said, “Ok, buddy, we surely don’t know each other, BYE!” He persisted and would not leave or quit following us.

I thought about what I wanted to do; Feel vulnerable having this tweeker follow us, and maybe trying to jack us, or figure out what his fucking problem was? I turned back around and said “Fool, you better beat it right now before I knock you out!” He said, “You think I am scared of you?” I said, “You’d better be asshole, I’d knock you out in one punch if I wanted too.” I was still concerned about why he kept his hand in his pocket, so I quickly decided to take a fake swing at him with my umbrella. His hands flew up as I had hoped they would, and I saw that he had nothing. I let the umbrella back down to a non threatening position. I noticed that he had good pectorals and that he must work out quite a bit.

I was a little less worried, knowing he didn’t have a gun or a knife, but he was still lingering around us. My friend stopped at the next alley entrance. I didn’t know why he decided to stop there. We stopped at the edge of the wall and were leaning there, just looking at him. He glared back as if he wanted something badly from us. I said “I’m giving you 10 seconds to bounce, if you don’t I’m going to knock you out.” He just stared at us. I counted. Ten seconds passed and I still couldn’t bring myself to punch this buff little pretty boy.

We heard what sounded like horse hooves thumping down the street. I noticed that in a flash the guy was gone. I realized he was running from us at break neck speed, as if we were going to go after him and he needed to get away from us. I asked my buddy why he had stopped where he did at the edge of the alley. He replied, “I was about ready to drag him in here and knock him out.” I replied, “good idea”.

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