Sister Crayon: Breath of Fresh Air for Sacramento


Dani Fernandez tappin’ on the MPC as if you were at a Hiero show, An outstanding drummer and electronic pianist (Genaro Ulloa, Nicholas Suhr) drumming and playing his decks of different keyboards, and a lovely soulful fleeting singer Terra Lopez makes up Sister Crayon.

Their sound is folksy with a lot of funk and electronic shenanigans mixed all up in. Recently signed to Manimal Vinyl, an indie record label from LA, expect a lot of good things in the future from this Sacramento group.

I had a chance to say, “hi” to Terra after a recent show and she was sincerely happy that I was present at the show and that I liked their music, which was refreshing.

Anyways I will keep this short, so go see Sister Crayon and / or buy “Here We Never Die” on Itunes.


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