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Har Mar Superstar // Nice Surprise


photo: harmarsuperstar.com

I walked to Sacramento lesbian bar turned hipster funhouse, Townhouse, by my lonely. A girl invited me to see The Storytellas, a great local ska band that were playing at a venue nearby. She said she would be outside when I walked by. I walked by and didn’t see her curls so I kept on going to do what was  originally planned at The Townhouse. As I was approaching my good friend Josh called me and said, “It’s bullshit man, its 7 bucks to get in tonight” I replied, “There is no way I am going to pay 7 bucks to get in there. I am sick of being such a liquor consuming regular and having to pay that bullshit entrance fee!” I instructed him to meet me down stairs and finagle a way for me to get in for free. Josh runs a website, PhotoFixx.com that takes rad dance photos at local hotspots. He convinced the door gal that I was working for him. He took his flash off the camera and we took a shit photo, she rolled her eyes and stamped me. It worked. Sorry door lady, I was broke (literally 3 bucks in my pocket).

So I head upstairs inside the club where this band is supposed to be performing. I saw them on the stage and some DJ was playing music, at first I mistook them standing up there in conjunction with that DJ playing as their act. I leaned to a friend and said “god damn, this is what hipster-crap-music has come to?” He said, “You have never heard of Har Mar Superstar?” I said, “No, why?” Right after our short conversation, I looked up and they were starting to actually play. Har Mar Superstar looks like a Ron Jeremy at age 35 – Exactly! I could not believe the lovely voice that came from his mouth, I was surprisingly shocked. I have been to hundreds of shows over the span of almost decades now and was totally caught off guard. The music was very catchy and poppy with an R&B twist. Some songs really reminded me of Jamiroquai, but a little less serious. “DUI”, Dialing Under the Influence, really got the dance floor moving, especially when he disrobed to just his colorful undies. Normally not too much of a dancer, I did through ought the set. Har Mar Superstar is the man but the band was great as well, and a few songs featured a lady, with very long legs that I could not take my eyes off, btw holla at me if you read this girl, wink wink! After the show was over I walked back to the merch desk, I really wanted to buy the 12” but didn’t have the cash on me, though I will be ordering it on the internet with my next paycheck. I was going to buy a few buttons but they wouldn’t take my money and graciously gave me a handful.

Later on I was downstairs dancing and noticed young Ron Jeremy and some of the band dancing; I danced over to them and congratulated him on a job well done. He smiled and said, “thank you, it was a lot of fun, Sacramento has been nice.” The bass took a sharp turn and I couldn’t hear a couple other words that were said after that. I smiled and kept on dancing.

Buy Har Mar Superstar, he will make you laugh and dance. In my personal opinion I think he might be on the verge of something really big.

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