Trainwreck Then Mochi Pet

Some of you may not like my opinion, and about that: I don’t care. This article is mostly about a band that I went out with intention to review, Trainwreck, A side project of Jack Blacks Family of bands and side projects Tenacious D. As rumors ran rampant that Jack Black and Tenacious D were going to be in town I unfortunately helped propagate the false rumors that Tenacious D (full crew) was indeed going to play. After further investigation did I find out it would in fact be Trainwreck performing.


After a talented but slightly predictable band opened for Trainwreck, Front man Jason Reed tooted his wooden play train horn and began their set. Other front man, Kyle Gass wasn’t as theatric as Reed but did quite an astonishing job on the guitar. I am pretty sure almost all the band members donned some gnarly 70s mullet wigs. Reed was very fun to watch, he had a very piercing stare. A couple times he looked at me and it took me aback to the point I had to look away. Maybe it was because I popped too many pills and was trying not to nod off, and he was mad at me. The Bass player was wearing an all white outfit and had a small frame. About the fourth or fifth song in the bass player took over the mic and sung a song about love. An especially memorable song was about milking a cobra. Reed was making suggestive hand signs signaling a cobra presumably later to be milked. By who, I don’t know. At some point every band member highlighted their unique skills in one form or another.  One song that was entertaining stopped and started methodically. Overall it was an excellent show; I would like to see them again.


Afterward I moseyed on over to The Townhouse and luckily the wrist bands they were using happened to be the same color as the ones from the Trainwreck show, BONUS, free show! I went upstairs and watched Mochi Pet play. I would describe their music as Beastie Boys meets dubstep meets pop hits of present and recent past. Albeit the music sounded cool at first the novelty wore off very fast. I stayed and watched them for about an hour. I decided that Mochi Pet is for gown up ravers, which I am not, so I left. They are good at what they do, and if you like that type of music, well check them out.

Photo credit:  Poppy Watson

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