Tycho, Sister Crayon, Cell Phone Thiefs

So I had a great night at the last day of the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival (SEMF) at The Townhouse in Sacramento. Sister Crayon played great as usual, except they didn’t have the volume up high enough on the lead singers’ voice. Since her presence and voice transcends sound barriers it made up for the issue.

I talked to a few old friends about the old Capitol Garage location, reminiscing on punk rock shows. I am fairly sick with a cold, and was trying to keep my distance from a lot of my friends and may have seemed unfairly rude. If I seemed distant to you, it wasn’t you. I promise!

At some point after 1 AM, someone decided to rifle through my pockets and jack my cell phone. No big deal right? 90% of all probability it was a rich suburban kid having fun; you need to know that you are lame. If you are a ghetto kid trying to make ends, much love. No problem, I don’t even care, I understand how life can be. But kids who have touch screen cell phones who feel the need to take a MetroPCS, 21 dollar piece of crap phone, it is (was) my only means of communication! Just know that you are a soulless piece of fuckola.

Anyways, sorry friends, this may end up meaning that ONCE again I will have a new phone number. And if you get any calls from “me”, please plead for said caller to return my phone.

About the show; Sister Crayon was fun to watch and Tycho was good. Thank you for dancing downstairs with me, Jenny and Dani. Love you all.

Update: My cellphone was not stolen. I had someone hold it, and i forgot.  I already bought a new one. Lesson learned: Slow down.

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