Friday Morning Musings

Two things are dominating the news right now, and I will address them thusly:

  1. Joe Stack flying his plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX.  Look, I’m up to my eyeballs in debt and unemployed.  I get the urge to do something crazy, especially since bills seems to pour in nonstop and our tax money has gone to bailing out banks, but those banks won’t clear our debt.  Everything costs money, yet no one has anything to show for it.  I get it.  The world is fucked up.  But… this guy had his OWN FUCKING AIRPLANE.  I don’t care how “poor” you claim to be, if you have a plane, any kind of a plane, go fuck yourself.  Plus, to make things worse,  he was in a jam band.  Kinda early to tell just yet, but Joe Stack might be the douche of the year.  Glad to see you go, Joe!
  2. Tiger Woods.  What can be said about Tiger Woods that hasn’t been already been said about pro golf?  It’s boring as shit, there’s waaaaaaaay too much money involved, and it’s pretty irrelevant to 90% of the population (unless you’re an old guy that can’t get a boner or you’re an asian girl who is better at golf than math).  He cheated.  Who the fuck cares?  Newsflash: everyone cheats, has been cheated on, will cheat, or will be cheated on.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles.  The real mystery should be why a Swedish model would marry some weird blaxiasian robot, and why Tiger Woods is worth a billion dollars.  Guess I just answered the first part of my question…  Rats off to ya, Tiger!  Next time don’t text/leave voicemails with the Vegas whores you fuck.  I know that gatorade can get on top of you quick, but keep your mind right champ, you’re married for chrissakes!

There’s my two cents.  Have a great weekend.


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