Like Lipstick Traces // Book Review


Like Lipstick Traces, Daily Life Polaroids from thirteen graffiti writers, is an absolutely beautifully published hardcover book which showcases Polaroid photos from 13 different graffiti writers from all over the globe. The artists who participated in the project are, Aroe, C.B.S., Dumbo, Honet, Kegr, O’clock, OS Cururus, Rate, Remio, Rocky, Scan, Smash 137 and The E.R.S. The name of the book Like Lipstick Traces comes from the book Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus. In the beginning of the book the publishers described that they thought that the graffiti movement could have been a part of that book, and so as a sort of extension they decided to create this book.

Some of the Polaroid photos showcase the graffiti culture aspect of the photographers, showing a lot of graffiti on walls and subway cars, while some others photos such as Remios, had many photos on the west coast of California including a photo from Sacramento, California, which showcased more his daily life. Many of the photos are labeled by the artists that took them. Smash 137s photos are all labeled with different tag styles which I thought turned out very aesthetically pleasing. Part of the fun that I had thumbing through this book was looking at the captions and trying to correlate them to the photo.

At the beginning of the book there are Polaroid photos from the different artists blown up as full pages. Following these multiple pages there are four short stories/ poems. At the beginning of each artists section they had the artists fill out 3 sections, titled: Nowadays, Secret Stories, and Instant Photography, which can be interesting reads.

This book was put together by Dokument Press extremely well, and is a coffee table must. If at all you are into Polaroid photography, photography or graffiti, purchase a copy of this book.

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