Kid Sister in Sacramento


Wow, Where to begin?

Should I start with the overzealous security staff, or should I start with the fact that Kid Sister played for approximately 15 minutes?

No, I won’t start with my gripes; I will start with the highlights of the show. The staff and event coordinators at the Beatnik Studio were extremely nice and accommodating, hats off to them especially The Sol Collective and DJ Whores. The folks who came to the show were collectively in a great mood the atmosphere was very nice. The local bands and DJs did a fantastic job and really rocked the crowd. Moookiesaake, a group with Adam Saake on the drums really hyped up the crowd, people were feelin’ it. I’ve been to many hip-hop shows in Sacramento, and normally you don’t get this many hip-hop enthusiasts in the same place at the same time. I was very happily surprised. Set Theory, a live electro funk band rocked the place, but unfortunately I missed it because I was drinking in the spacious back patio.

Now on to the stories…

I walked up to the Kid Sister show with the pure intent on going there to do this review and to see some local hip-hop of course. My photographer Josh Johnson and I were assured we would breeze right through the line and get in, after years of having these assurances from doing what I do, I told Josh that we would surely be hassled. And we were, oh yes we were. Finally after some finagling and multiple phone calls, DJ Whores came out and assured them we were present to cover the event for our magazine and website. I still had to get patted down, so I decided why not crack a joke and lighten up the mood? Big mistake. I told the security to, “please not find my heroin in my hat rim”, he didn’t laugh. So when he felt my digital camera in my pocket and asked to see it I pretended that it was a gun hoping to finally squeeze a laugh out of him. Mistakes were made. He said “You’re out, there is no way in hell you’re getting in this club tonight!” I replied, “Are you serious? I was joking man.” Well, he was serious as a heart attack. After another call to DJ Whores, we came upon an agreement that if I apologized I could have a 5 minute “time out”, delete all my photos I had taken of them, and then come in. I begrudgingly agreed keeping it light spirited the whole time. I was in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it. But I didn’t really delete my photo. Wink-wink, oops.

kid sister1

We got pat down again, and got in after a thorough man-groping. They had neon non-removable bracelets to assure that you had paid, although there were no ins and outs anyway, maybe they have a huge problem of people sneaking in over their 15 foot walls. They put the bracelets on us so tight my photographer had to go get a new one put on because his hand was turning white. After this fiasco we finally were able to get the party started. Downing some whiskey shots here and there, we were in and out occasionally taking photos of the Local Sacramento groups, Moookiesaake, DJ Whores, Mike Diamond, and Set Theory. All of which, like I said, did an outstanding job.

Everyone rushed to the main room as the word got out that Kid Sister was coming on shortly. The people were hungry to see her, they were excited to see the Chicago native perform, I mean, she does hob-knob with Kanye West for Christ’s sake! She comes on stage and played a great remix of her well known song pro-nails. I was watching her do her thang and all of a sudden she was done…and gone. She played for 10 minutes. Maybe 15, max. Not cool. The last time that happened to me was back in about 2000 when Too Short played at the Colonial Theatre, although his tickets were $20 more apiece, it is always unacceptable to do a grab-n-run like that. I am sorry if Kid Sister was sick, or had family issues or some other problem, but she should have canceled. Josh, our photographer was on stage with her and her DJ,  she commented to Josh something about  not taking more photos of her because she wasn’t looking good or was too sweaty or something. He said that she was nice about it, flashing him a smile. It was good to know that at the very least she is a nice person. But last time I checked when you perform you get, well sweaty.


Photos: Josh Johnson

I am sorry to whoever put the G up to get her to come to Sacramento. I hope you made your money back. Kid Sister is good at what she does but bottom line, whether she meant to or not she gave Sacramento the middle finger.

Update: Taking a look at Kid Sisters Twitter account, she made it clear she was hosting the show/doing a 4 song set. So the flier should have said HOSTED BY: Kid Sister.

Event Photos:

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