Postal, What’s Next Album Review


Rappist, Postal AKA Charlie Hunt released his sophmore album “What’s Next” on Anomie1 Records. The CD came free with 1000 issues of Anomie1 Magazine issue 7, which successfully sold out. This, the  second album from Postal shows steady progress and maturity since his debut release “Darker Than Black.” The lyrics are sincere, the beats are great and the production is top notch. Anomie1 Records, a newly formed record label branch off Anomie1 Magazine has released two full Postal of Silent Scribes (his crew) albums and has 2 split 7 inchs in the works, one with Sacramento and Reno natives “Who Cares” to be featured on one side.

For samples of the album “What’s Next” and to buy it click here:

The album is also available on Itunes and other online music purveyors.

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