Johanna O’Donnell // Kevin Earl Taylor


Florida artist Johanna O’Donnell often envisions a painting after listening to a song. “Fully formed pieces will pop into my head. Some call it the artistic muse. I call it awesome because it reminds me that I’m merely an instrument of creative forces, not the force itself. This helps with reducing the artistic ego, which is not your friend.”–JOHANNA-O-DONNELL


Kevin Earl Taylor was one of those skate-or-die kids in high school. Those were the days when he was sponsored by Thunder Trucks, skipped prom to skate, and listened to punk. Skateboarding was important for another reason too. The San Francisco-based painter says it helped him to develop an artist’s mindset. “When you’re skateboarding, you’re kind of walking down the sidewalk, and everything you look at has the potential to be something else,” he said. “If you’re behind a shopping center, and there’s nothing to skateboard on, all of a sudden you start looking at the trashcans, and the dumpsters, and this crappy piece of wood that’s lying on the ground. And you start to almost make this kind of recreational sculpture.”–KEVIN-EARL-TAYLOR

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