Feel the Darkness // New Book From Dokument Press


By Ragnar Persson
Ragnar Persson’s new book, Feel the Darkness, from Dokument Press offers a world full of death mysticism and tenderness.

Chopped-off heads, Heavy Metal logos, girls, rabbits, flower meadows and barren landscapes with naturalistic small birds.Feel the Darkness is the best of the collected works of Ragnar Persson from 2006 to 2009. The scenes in Ragnar Persson’s pictorial world might have been culled from a teenager’s diary. A time and place where you sneak out into the woods, smoke a cigarette and think “Nobody understands me.” Ragnar Persson grew up on Heavy Metal and discovered drawing through album covers. He also gets inspiration from old nature painting. Mixing this with memories of growing up, he creates his own little world of pictures, a world that says who he is, but that everybody can see themselves in too. Among those who do are the Swedish-American author and curator Johan Kugelberg, the American Riot-Grrrl icon Amy Kellner and the editor for the Swedish edition of Vice, Elin Unnes, who have all contributed texts for the book. The harsh is juxtaposed to the soft and death mysticism to tenderness. The recurring Heavy Metal aesthetic is disarmed with devastating humour, the naïvistic effect of liberation is combined with refined artistic technique, and sketchy bursts alternate with meticulously executed pencil drawings. Ragnar Persson talks about contemporary times in a minute and personal way. Dokument Press are proud to present this exciting art.

About Ragnar Persson
Ragnar Persson was born in 1980 in the community of Tavelsjö, north of Umeå. He now lives in Stockholm where he works as an artist. He graduated from the Free Art course at the Stockholm College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2007. His works have been shown at exhibitions around the world, and in several self-published books and magazines.

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