Gun Shots Ring Out Like A Bell // Town House // Press Club

For full disclosure; everything that was heard and witnessed tonight was hearsay.

As the hipster dance-party crowd was dismantling from their usual FUCK Friday locale at Townhouse, 3 gun shots burst out in the crisp late night air. One fast, then, after a few seconds,  two more in quick succession.  Many witnesses were talked to, all of which were in direct contact with what happened.

A car was crossing the street at 21st & P, with wannabe gang-banging white dudes in it, stopped at a red light. There were club-going pedestrians that were crossing the street at the same time. Somehow, they got disgruntled at each other. Either the car got too close to the pedestrians or words were exchanged and there was some kind of verbal confrontation between the two parties. A trash can was pushed at the car that was in the intersection by one of the pissed off party on foot. The passenger side driver decided to do a brilliant act and pull out a gun. He allegedly started shooting in the air and then  after that became boring, at the victim that was running away.

This is where the story goes quite fuzzy. At some point the passenger with the gun either dropped the gun or left it in the car he was in and was pulled out of the car by the people who pushed the trash can into the car or another party. This does not make sense to me, as I would not approach a man with a loaded handgun.

The alleged shooter was detained until the police showed up on location. Slight beating may have happened until the cops got there because of multiple escape attempts, but the guy deserved it for fucks sake, if he was actually shooting a gun at random people. It took the police about 30 minutes on a “shots fired” call to respond to the situation. Funny, when I have seen them respond in 1 minute on a “house-cat endangerment” call!

After talking to about 8 witnesses, it was deduced that there was definitely a gun involved. Further, a friend heard the gun shots right before it happened, 1, then 2 in rapid succession matching what others heard.

What remains a mystery is twofold. One, where did the alleged attacked go? And two, why weren’t the CSU (Crime Scene Unit) checking the alleged shooter for GSR (gun shot residue)? Back in the day I was accused of something that I didn’t do, and one of the first things they did was swab down my hands to search for GSR.  It seems like obtaining that would be vital in this case. Rumor was that the shooter was on probation.

They hauled off that fat asshole alleged gunman in an ambulance strapped neatly in a head brace, and the 30+ cops standing around really didn’t look like they knew shit. So don’t be surprised if this story gets buried or not even published, but at least you heard the truth on and you can know that wherever you go, be safe that alleged asshole might have a nina (9 millimeter gun for you squares) on him!

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