Real Texts Sent to Me

From various people at various times.

Patricia: It’ll be cool. I can think of something more fun ;)

Regina: me hella borming but u better hang out!

Ernie: Hella sick… Just chillin on night meds.

Amir: Haha. Sounds good. With hard work comes sluts, drugs and guns…

Kyle: Aha. Why didn’t i think of that. Theres burger and gaga. I swear we discovered another one that i cant remember right now. Lets do research.

Jessica: You said shes an upgrade do you not remember?

Jessica: I know but u said shes betterthan me, i dont disagree

Jessica: Um your texts were saying “u horny? Do you want to be sex partners” or whatever

Leslie: I wanted to sleep w you.. But now I’m put off you freakk! Lol JK

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