“SKETCH 4 SKETCH” — Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee kicked off his US art tour today starting at Upper Playground in Sacramento. Legions of loyal fans started to patiently line up outside of the store waiting to get a print, vinyl toy or some other art related object signed and perhaps drawn or painted on by Pardee. Alex Pardees first stop was here in Sacramento he will then go around the United States stopping in cities and finally do his closing show at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco. Pardee and his team had a webcam and laptop in tow which they are streaming all of their showings online. I found out the hard way by having someone inform me not to pick my nose because I was on camera. I looked up at the screen to see myself in 9 seconds past, so I quickly moved out of sight of the camera and watched myself pick my nose in present in the past on the computer. If you are a loyal Pardee follower I am sure you are quite well aware of this tour, but if his name doesn’t ring a bell, check out a showing near you. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything by him, buy a print from him. He is selling beautiful limited edition prints for 40 dollars.

From Mr. Pardees Blog:

Starting on Friday, April 16 in Sacramento, Bay area artists Alex Pardee & Dave Correia, along with filmmaker Stephen Reedy, are venturing across the United States on a quest for some well-needed inspiration. Utilizing social networking software such as Twitter and uStream, and armed with only a camera, a sketch pad, and raffle tickets (with a HUGE prize – see below) to sell along the way for gas money, the crew of artists will be stopping in over 30 cities in random locations around the country, hoping to not only meet fans and friends, but to trade quick sketches (or ANY kind of art) for quick sketches in order to jostle their imagination and drench them in inspiration, and in hopes of mutually offering some inspiration of their own.
Along their journey, some big surprises are going to occur, and we are sure some spontaneous fun will show up, too.

Please follow Alex and Dave on Twitter or Facebook to keep informed on their journey and find out where they will pop up next, and make sure you exchange A SKETCH 4 A SKETCH! More detailed info about the tour and the raffle is below, but first here is a list of the cities we will be stopping in, but you need to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or watch our uStream channel to find out where we will be specifically. Sometimes it might be at a store, sometimes a gallery, or sometimes just at a dumpster behind the Chick Fil-A! (Due to the nature of the tour, the schedule is subject to slightly change with no notice)

Short Video From Sacramento:


Photos From Sacramento:




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