Double Down…Ya’ll


I woke up drunk regretting all of the usual mistakes from the night before, felonies, moral transgressions, and copious drug use. I had a mind numbing headache, so I decided what better way to make myself feel a little less hung over? Perhaps I’ll eat some greasy fast food. As I was on my way to Taco Bell I saw a KFC joint, and I thought to myself “fuck that I’m going to get some chicken!” On my way into the fine KFC establishment I saw this “thing” on the door, a sandwich with chicken for buns, Yeah. So being the type of person to forge ahead with trying weird and random ass shit I decided I would get one, to go. I got home and opened the grease laden bag. This thing comes in a burger box a la a Big Mac. I open the box and see a strange looking lump of stuff. It looked like a blob of chicken, bacon and cheese. Upon further inspection I noticed some sort of orange colored mayo based sauce slathered upon the boneless chicken buns. I took a bite. Dry, very dry indeed. I slowly ate half of the thing and was not impressed at all. I started to dissect it. I took off the bacon and tossed it aside. I scraped off all the excess process cheese and ended up tearing and eating the chicken like chicken strips. Overall I would say the sandwich is poor at best. Save your money and get some popcorn chicken or better yet get some Churches.

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