M.I.A. Born Free

During a quick visit to Upper Playground Sacramento I was shown M.I.A.s new music video, “Born Free”. To be honest, at first I was expecting some corny video that would cater toward a teeny hipster crowd. But my preconception of M.I.A. was extremely far from reality. The video reminded me of a mix between District 9, Gummo and the last Rambo. The video is about 10 minutes long with M.I.A.s new song serving as a good soundtrack. The video, like District 9, makes a political statement about how easy genocide can and does happen. It makes you want to raise your fist and go join a revolution.

We watched the video on Youtube.com which apparently caught wind of it as of early today and yanked it due to nudity and violence, not before M.I.A. could tweet about mad she was they pulled it, but then recanted saying the video is available on her website. I am sure it is available all over the internet by now,  and better yet probably on Vimeo.com.

As you watch ginger kids heads being blown off by French director Romain Gavras’s film team, know that they will have a feature film that will be indeed named “redheads” in the near future. If it is as well put together as the new M.I.A. video I am sure it will be quite popular in the box office. Let me quit wasting your time, and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch: http://vimeo.com/11219730

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