Conversation with a Crazy Person

“And just like that he left, taking an old hard-bound copy of the sound and the fury with him.

That’s what smart people read, right?

I’ve been told that. By a junior college professor once…

Smart people are overrated.

And what did he do for a living?

You mean to collect money?

I suppose that’s what I mean.

I don’t know, suffered, nailed his soul to a cross and cried like a little girl. What does anyone do? What they can: work.

I should have figured as much. Nothing would have just come easy.

Well, that’s not entirely true; walks on the beach come easy, sleep comes easy…

It doesn’t come easy, but once it happens, it’s easy, sure.

I thought he seemed ok though.

Yeah, he’s ok. There seems to be some anticipation brewing. Like there’s some inside joke that you’re just on the verge of understanding. I think some girl mentioned the same thing one time.

Hum, never thought of it that way.

Yeah. I say we get some food.

I can’t right now, gotta wait till payday.”

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