Dusty Brown, Paper Pistols

The highlight of the night was watching Dusty Brown brilliantly perform from 11:30 – 1AM. If the show would have just been him playing all night, the groups of people who walked by as no music filled the clubs sound system would have come in. Opportunities were lost from the rejects of surrounding local affliction clubs to catch a breeze of something new and perhaps make a convert or two. No, they walked by, looked in, saw nothing and kept walking. Who would pay for nothing, no music? I wouldn’t.

Paper Pistols a one person act, a drummer who plays along with his laptop playing what I can assume are beats he programmed, lasted for about 20 minutes. Some  people got up and watched the short set.

There was about a 15 minute interlude, Then Dusty and Zac Brown came up and played, with beautiful harmonies from his sister Jessica accompanying some of the songs. The music was great and my already positive thought of Dusty Brown was reinforced just that much more. Dusty has been a staple of the Sacramento electronic music scene for almost 10 years.

About Anomie:

Anomie Magazine was established in 1998 by Amir Esfahani and Mike Jones. They have successfully released 7 issues of their prominently street art magazine. Issue 8 is currently in the works. With a currently active staff of 5 people.

Anomie Records started in 2007 with the release of Postals “Darker than black” And has released his sophomore album along with Funk Advisors latest mix tape. A split 7 inch is currently in the developing process with Who Cares and Dusty Brown and will be released Summer 2010.

Anomie Records has been throwing Last Saturday (every last Saturday) events at the Capitol Garage in Sacramento Starting April with a hip hop show, and then May with a dubstep show. Both selling out by 11:30 and both having an overwhelming positive reaction from the bands and crowds that came. Capacity was reached at both the two original shows.

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