first the bubbles, then the kick to the gut

visceral and soothing

in the make-you-piss-blood kinda way

irresponsible, yes.

but that’s what the rest of life is for

so i see things, like an immigrant couple: clinging to tradition and the past

a warm body creates a sense of peace

but i know that no matter what

the shells can fall

the big guns can strip you naked and destroy your life

death and snakes wait around every corner

no matter where you are.

if the scent of mai tais fill the air, or cow shit, stale beer, morning dew…

or expensive perfume

women and stray dogs

the click-clacking down the road could mean the end

and it does every day

so in solitude, the bombardment comes sweet with the bubbles

then a kick to the gut

and it all makes sense

it really does

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