A step in the right direction… for now

Back some time ago I wrote an article exploring the implications of so called “net neutrality.” Today the FCC approved net neutrality rules in a 3-2 vote. My intent here is not to examine the intricacies of what was adopted and what is was not but to give you more of a wider picture of why this is so important for all of us.

In our society we have different classes of people, as you know. Most people are middle class (income approx. $30,000 – $500,000 a year), about 99% of you are. One percent of the population is considered “upper class” or as  Karl Marx said the bourgeoisie. The upper class is shaking in their boots right about now…Why? Because if all people have the same and fair speed/usage rights on the internet then we all individually have the same playing field as far as expression and the control of it. Over the decades the upper class ruled all media, TV stations, radio stations, etc. They were/are all very expensive to own and you must be elite to do so.

It is much easier for one to have independent ventures with the internet and they certainly do not like that. If the elite class had their way, they would control the internet as they have controlled the airwaves over the past 100 years. Anyone can buy a domain name, make a website, make a book or start a band or internet radio show and have a captive audience at their fingertips.

The world wants to be organic, and by organic I mean that they have many options from many sources, uninfluenced by the bourgeoisie machine. People prefer this avenue, and the bourgeoisie knows it, this is precisely why they are scared. They have less and less control of the method of all content delivery varying from videos to all types of media. In an increasing automated world knowledge/content is becoming the important asset of America. The more these independent assets grow, the more likely the Wal-Farts and other corporate titans will fall.

We will see battles (In the courts). The ruling class does not want internet neutrality; they want control, absolute control. Let’s hope that the congress and other politicians will demand fairness, do your duty and accept only those who support net neutrality. It’s your future.

My earlier article: The End of the Internet? Naw.

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