Under the Hood

A simple moment in time

Was suspended that night

It was drawn out into a universe

A big bang creation within my brain

It affected me deeply

I let it be known, to you, that it did so

And this poem is about you

You act as if it was nothing

That a fly landed on your shoulder

And you swatted it away

Is that the truth?

Which lies within your skull?

Or do your insecurities make you

Act as if you don’t care

Because once you let someone in

And things don’t go your route;

They are shut out?

Lock locked, key swallowed

Or was it a simple emotion

Hate, unhappiness, tiredness, etc.

That had been building?

This could have been conveyed

To me

But for a reason or another

You didn’t convey

Refused to convey

And while I lie restless staring at

The stars

Wondering, wandering, polluting my brain

Do you go on?

With boundless joy?

And if you do, why couldn’t you have

Simply told me

Why you left that one day?

Was it punishment?

Or another device you use

To mentally torture

Taught from mother?

Either way, the water

At Niagara Falls

Still pours over the ledge

As it did 50 years ago

And it will continue to do so

Long after civilization is gone

No grudges held about it taking

An inch a year from its embankment

Just gratitude to the beautiful


In which we inhabit

That you try to blend into

But I saw under the hood

The monster that you let out that night

And I forgave that monster

But that monster must live

And in order to do so

It must cover its tracks

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